Three Rivers ReDevelopment
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Our company strives to lead the way in new and sustainable building technologies. In addition to improving and stabilizing neglected properties and areas, we bring creativity and environmentally responsible ideas to every project we tackle!

Using paints, finishes and adhesives with low or no VOC's in them, creates a healthier environment for our employees, as well as a
healthier and more environmentally friendly property for our clients..

When a light bulb needs replaced at a property we are working on, we use compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs as a replacement for the old conventional ones. To date, we have replaced over 500 light bulbs with more efficient ones, and we will continue to do so in the future!

From windows to appliances.. we are constantly upgrading to more efficient ways of living. Energy efficient doors and windows save money and energy. Appliances that are inefficient can be a drain on utility bills. We strive to provide customers with Energy Star rated appliances, and energy star insulated windows.

New renewable forms of flooring, such as recycled laminates and bamboo flooring have become more and more popular. Three Rivers ReDevelopment often uses these items in the building process, and hopes to use even more as more variety hits the market in the future. We recently purchased over 5,000 square feet of bamboo flooring for a future loft project.

When possible, we enoucourage the reuse/recycling of building materials in our projects. On the east-end of Pittsburgh, where we do most of our business, is the Construction Junction. There we can shop for reused items that help restore some of the original character of a building. We also donate hundreds of items per year that we are not able to use. To learn more about the Construction Junction, check out their website below.

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